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Leaders in education around the world recognise the benefits of students’ access to modern computing tools and the Internet. Computers can open the gate to world knowledge, and computer skills are an essential prerequisite for a successful career in the 21st century.
  • Simple management
  • The teacher sees all the students’ screens on his or her monitor
  • The teacher can disable certain types of programmes and pages
  • No heat radiation and noise in the classroom
  • 10 times lower power consumption
  • Minimal failure rate

SINO solution for schools

Thanks to the SINO platform with virtual desktop unit workstations connected to a central server, schools can cut their computer equipment purchase costs. The unique SINO system puts emphasis on efficiency, long service life, low financial and time requirements, simple servicing, eco-friendliness, children’s health and safety, and ease of use. The unique SINO system offers schools the highest level of desktop virtualisation and is tailored to the work of students and teachers in specialised classrooms using computer equipment, as well as electronic class books, libraries, study rooms, etc.


Forget old PCs and laptops

Instead of a PC, laptop, or a thin client, each student only has a monitor with a small virtual desktop unit with a mouse and keyboard connected to it. The weight of the virtual desktop unit is 160 grams and the power consumption is up to 5W. Virtual desktop unit’s lifespan is 10 years, and due to the absence of mechanical parts and hard drive, the solution is almost failure-free. In the event of a failure of a virtual desktop unit, it can be simply exchanged, and the class can continue. No noise, no radiated heat, and no dust swirls will ensure a much healthier environment for students and teachers in computer classrooms.

One-click classroom management

Instead of having to deal with hardware/software issues, such as removing viruses, deleting unsuitable files, etc. on each computer individually, the teacher can now solve everything quickly and conveniently on the central server. Total clean-up and deletion of downloaded and unauthorised files across the SINO ICT (Integrated Co-teaching Class) classroom, including restoring workspaces to the original state, is done simply with one click.

With the SINO solution, you no longer manage dozens of computers separately, but solve everything on one server.


Class is under the teacher’s full control

The teacher can transfer his/her desktop to all classroom monitors with one click and can easily present learning materials to the students. The teacher has full control over the whole classroom: he or she can display all students’ monitors on his/her desktop, switch to any student’s monitor in the classroom and take control of it, centrally block inappropriate sites, set social networking restrictions, web access, USB ports, and other central management options offered by the SINO ICT classroom.

In new SINO ICT classrooms, all operating systems are unified and, if necessary, upgraded only on the central server, in a fraction of the time compared to a classic PC/laptop solution. Central data storage on the central server saves time when collecting work, as individual access to each PC/laptop is no longer required.

The daily launch of virtual desktop unit workstations is easy, and every teacher with basic knowledge of commonly used operating programmes, such as Windows, can manage the system conveniently.

SINO SMART SCHOOL – a solution for every school

The SINO IT solution can be scaled for any school, regardless of its size and number of students. For CAD classrooms and large schools, we use the larger SINO CLOUDclient system solutions with rack servers, while for smaller schools, we provide small and medium-sized SINO ZEROclient system solutions with tower servers. In addition to ICT classrooms, the SINO platform is also suitable for electronic class books, staffrooms, and other specialised classrooms.

The central servers are tailored to each school according to how much computational power is necessary, how many virtual desktop units need to be connected, and other requirements. Servers SINO are stable, shipped with integrated central management and installed training programmes as required by the school.

After installing and setting up the SINO platform, we provide the school with warranty and post-warranty service and customer care, including programme updates, installation of new programmes, and creation of new applications.

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