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The unique SINO platform delivers a highly efficient and flexible solution that will provide doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff with secure access to the necessary applications and information, wherever it’s needed in the hospital.
  • Doctors have access to their desktops anywhere in the hospital
  • Secure data storage on a central server
  • No heat radiation and noise in the treatment rooms
  • Lower power consumption
  • Highly secured access to sensitive patient data

Secure access to information anywhere in the hospital

The ever-increasing demands on IT management, new medical applications, limited resources, and the lack of trained IT staff require new ways to optimise computing in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

The SINO platform allows hospitals to significantly cut their operating costs, and streamlines the work of doctors and medical staff.

Doctors can work remotely on pre-operative and post-operative examinations, and simply contact other specialists when needed.

The SINO solution makes it easier for doctors to access their desktops anywhere in the hospital. It improves the security and protection of patient data, and reduces the total computer equipment cost.


High security of personal data

Virtual desktop unit workstations equipped with a card reader and secure encrypted access allow doctors and healthcare professionals to access patients’ records, lab results, and medical applications anywhere in the hospital quickly and easily, helping them improve the quality of provided healthcare. Moreover, there’s no risk of losing sensitive data in the event of theft, as no information is stored on the virtual desktop unit.

Significant reduction of purchase costs

Since virtual desktop unit workstations don’t contain any moving parts, they are silent, don’t produce heat, and contribute to improving hygiene standards in healthcare facilities. Quick and easy deployment of new workstations in the event of a failure, simple software installation and updating, lower power consumption, lower failure rate, and long service life can significantly reduce the total computer equipment purchase costs. Virtual desktop unit workstations can be installed in any hospital department.


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