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The SINO SMART SCHOOL project has received positive evaluation and feedback within the SMART CITY international call. The SINO SMART SCHOOL project can unify computer equipment in schools through the centralised SINO ZEROclient system.

The project will ensure a reduction in electricity consumption, high reliability, and long service life of components. With our solution, you can achieve 76% total cost reduction, 81% CO2 reduction, and 93% electronic waste reduction. The project puts emphasis on simple servicing, eco-friendliness, and children’s health and safety, and meets all major criteria such as PRICE, EFFICIENCY, RETURN ON INVESTMENT, and INNOVATION.

The SINO SMART SCHOOL equipment can be designed for any school, regardless of size and number of students. For large schools, we use larger SINO SMART SCHOOL system solutions with rack servers, while for smaller schools, we provide small and medium SINO ZEROclient system solutions with tower servers. In addition to ICT classrooms, our SINO ZEROclient platform is also suitable for electronic class books, staffrooms, and other specialised classrooms.

Our project will extend the digital literacy of children, young people, and educators. We will teach them to use innovative solutions and to think in a SMART way. SINO SMART SCHOOL is the ideal solution for this form of education.

At SMART CITIES conferences, the most frequently used keywords are ENERGY, MOVING, and LIVING. However, THINKING is just as important. Therefore, we teach people to be SMART. SINO SMART SCHOOL is not a goal in itself, but rather a way leading to a smart digital school.