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The management of the entire SINO system is based on the remote administration of individual virtual desktop units (installation of new firmware, change of virtual desktop unit settings, etc.) as well as SINO servers, which significantly reduces the system administration costs.
The SINO MANAGER console, remote management, detailed billing, and other SINO technical support services will reduce your IT management budget.

The server undergoes multi-stage testing before installation. Continuous monitoring of all components and regular service inspections ensure high system reliability and long service life.

If a server that’s not backed up directly by the customer fails, we will provide a backup server within the response time specified in the contract.

24/7 technical support (ON-LINE/ON-SITE) is available for our customers.

Using our technical support services comes with the following benefits:

Extension of the warranty period to 3-5 years
Backup virtual desktop unit for each office
The system is connected to a superordinate monitoring system
Monitoring of component and access point usage parameters, such as CPU, RAM, DISK, NETWORK, and THERMAL.
Continuous supervision of all access points – Server, Virtual desktop devices, Switch, Router
Remote support with the TEAMVIEWER application and 24/7 phone support
Physical service inspection, stress tests, system stability check, server cleaning, active network element control,  Server – virtual desktop device connectivity control
Provision of firmware updates for virtual desktop devices
Provision of updates and security patches for server side OS and applications ensuring seamless operation of the SINO platform
You are always using the latest version of SINO MANAGER
Monthly event report sent by e-mail
Holding a server/virtual desktop device standby storage with the required response time
100% functionality guarantee