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Virtualised IT equipment SINO ZEROclient is suitable in particular for ICT classrooms of elementary and secondary schools, offices and libraries. The SINO ZC server is supplied in a Tower case and provides sufficient performance to drive up to 30 connected users.
Instead of a PC or laptop, each user only has a monitor with a small ZEROclient unit.

The main task of ZEROclient is to transfer the state of connected devices (keyboard, mouse, etc.) to the SINO ZC server via the data network and, at the same time, to transfer back the image and sound data (or the data of other output devices).

Typically, tens to hundreds of ZEROclients are connected to the SINO ZC server, depending on the size of the organisation that uses the system. Server computing capacities are automatically allocated to the ZEROclient units according to the current needs of the programmes.

Familiar operating system and programmes

ZEROclient users work with the familiar Microsoft Windows operating system and commonly used office programmes. They don’t see any difference – they simply log into the system with their user names and passwords.
Front of SINO ZEROclient
Back of SINO ZEROclient

All necessary peripherals

The ZEROclient virtual desktop unit connects to the monitor via a VGA or HDMI port.

ZEROclient includes four USB ports that can be used to easily connect common peripheral devices (mouse, keyboard, etc.) and audio output/input for speakers/microphone.

The SINO ZEROclient system is compatible with traditional security features such as antivirus programmes, firewalls, protection against DOS/DDOS attacks, intrusion detection systems, etc. The entire computational power is supplied by the server, which also stores data.

Server SINO ZC

We set the total number of servers and configure user access to the server operating system individually, in accordance with the client’s requirements.