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The SINO CLOUDclient platform is a worldwide unique virtualised computer system, where instead of a computer or laptop each user only has a monitor with a small SC client unit . The performance necessary to drive tens or even hundreds of SC client units is delivered by the central SC server. SINO CLOUDclient has been designed and tested for even the most graphically demanding 2D and 3D applications.
SC CLIENT - virtual desktop unit
The SC client unit allows the user to work with a remote desktop of the SC server’s operating system, thereby virtually transferring the remote server’s computing power to the user.  No operating system or applications requiring individual administration are running on the SC client unit - everything is located on the central SC server. The SC client connects to any standard monitor using the VESA mount, controlled using a standard keyboard and mouse. The SC client includes four USB ports that can be used to easily connect common peripherals (mouse, keyboard, printer, card reader, etc.) and audio output/input for speakers/microphone.


The SC server delivers the performance necessary to drive tens or even hundreds of connected SC client units. The server’s power resources (CPU, GPU, RAM, disk space, etc.) are assigned automatically to the connected SC client units based on then current needs of individual programs. The total number of SC servers and the configuration of how the server operating system is accessible to the individual SC clients depends on the number of connected SC client units, on the programs running, and on the performance and backup level requirements. The SINO CLOUDclient system is compatible with traditional security solutions such as antivirus programs, firewalls, DOS/DDOS attack protection services, intrusion detection systems, etc.


SINO CLOUDclient users work with the familiar Microsoft Windows operating system and commonly used office programs. They see no difference – they simply log into the system with their user names and passwords. The SINO CLOUDclient platform offers sufficient graphics performance even for demanding 2D and 3D applications such as Autodesk, Adobe Creative Cloud, SketchUp, ArchiCAD and many others.


Video SINO CLOUDclient