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International collaboration

NEXINEO s.r.o. is well established in Central Europe countries and has an interesting collaboration proposal for customers from all around the world. 

Why become a customer of NEXINEO s.r.o.?

  • Unique product
    • Our customer gets a unique product offering a number of benefits
  • Comprehensive service package
    • As the first step the customer selects the number of clients and the required programs
    • Following order approval, SINO, at its headquarters, configures the system and installs all the programs
    • The customer obtains a pre-configured server with the requested programs installed and the required number of virtual desktop units
    • The installation process at the customer’s premises involves connecting the virtual desktop units to the monitors and the server using the local area network
    • Once the server is up and running, the entire system is ready for use
    • If so requested, SINO will handle the complete installation and commissioning process
    • Following installation, SINO offers 24/7 on-line service support
    • 5 year system warranty

Do you fancy know more? 

Please contact us
Stanislav Chlepko +421 940 827 116 s.chlepko@sino-zc.com