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About company

The company SINO has been focused from its founding on development of virtualized computer equipment SINO. In the present time we act in three countries of European Union with a potential of further international development.

We provide to end customers complete roofing-over of services i.e. individual proposal/design, implementation, service. The motto is „the best advertising is satisfied customer” and the whole philosophy of firm is subject to this. In the first years we focused chiefly on school sector and we equipped more than 160 schools by computer classroom SINO ZEROclient in Central Europe. We've already developed major system SINO CLOUDclient solutions to drive hundreds of users for graphically demanding applications.

Company milestones

Development of international business activities
More than 200 installations in Slovakia and Czech Republic. Deployment & testing SINO CLOUDclient in production environment.
More than 100 installations in Slovakia and Czech Republic
Development and preparation of the SINO CLOUDclient solution
Market penetration, finishing building the business and technical team
Testing the SINO ZEROclient platform in production environment.
Development and preparation of SINO ZEROclient solution
Founding the SINO, Ltd.